Emergency Management

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Program Description

The Office of Emergency Management has the responsibility of coordinating all the components of the city's emergency response capabilities. Those components include, but are not limited to: the civil defense efforts, fire and police, public health and emergency medical services, public works, volunteer and any other groups or agencies contributing to the management of emergency situations. Homeland Security has also been placed within the emergency management program.

The objectives of emergency management include improving the city's capability to plan for and respond to any emergency situation. This is mandated by both state and federal law. The objectives are met by focusing on hazard mitigation, preparedness planning, response, and recover as well as monitoring the city's level of emergency preparedness.

Program Responsibilities

  • Serve as staff advisor to the mayor and city manager on emergency management matters.
  • Coordinate local planning and preparedness activities and maintenance of the plan.
  • Coordinate appropriate training and conduct periodic emergency exercises for city personnel and emergency responders.

Emergency Management Coordinator

Chief Eric Schlotter: 903-798-3994
Email Chief Eric Schlotter

Emergency Management Administrative Coordinator

Tracey Litton: 903-798-3043
Email Tracey Litton