Rose Hill Cemetery Information

Rose Hill Cemetery is located at Phenie Avenue & Lelia Street in Texarkana, Texas. The city has inherited Rose Hill Cemetery from private owners. All the plots are sold. The plots and deeds are the private property of the individual or family members and therefore is the responsibility of these individuals. City staff does not go out to the cemetery to find and mark plots for the funeral homes. The city is not involved in the burial process. The Parks, Recreation & Community Health Department is responsible for maintaining the grounds of the cemetery only.

The city has limited information regarding some of the plots to include the deceased’s name, block number, lot number and date of burial. In some cases, the information may include the space number and date of death.

The city’s records contain information through 2001. The city can only provide information that it currently has on the books. The records cannot be verified as accurate.

The city’s website features the full map (PDF) of the cemetery and smaller block maps per section from “A” through “H”. The maps are explained as follows:

  1. The entrance is at the top of the map.
  2. The sections and plots are numbered.
  3. The graves down the middle are for soldiers from World War II, The Korean War and others.
  4. The blocks range from “A” through “H”, however, the letter “H” is not indicated on the map. The plots for “H” start on the left side of the map (north) next to “D” and continue south to the bottom, then around and up the right side next to “F”.

To assist with more information about this cemetery, please visit the Rootsweb website. This website, prepared by volunteers, has a listing of the military section of the cemetery. It also contains information about other individuals buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. At the bottom of the page click “Rose Hill Main List”. Another site that may have additional information regarding Rose Hill Cemetery plots is Find a Grave.