Committees, Boards, Commissions

The Texarkana City Council has established a network of advisory committees, boards and commissions to help provide a direct means of involvement for its citizens. These sub-groups are important in that they enable citizens to participate in Texarkana's governmental process. Residents volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of the community. Click here for a listing of current committee members.

Airport Authority

Acts as an advisory board to the airport manager, and the city council, and is expressly directed and empowered to make a complete study of all phases of the airport operations and make recommendations from time to time for the most efficient operation of the Texarkana Airport.

Ark-Tex Council of Governments

Serves as an inter-governmental agency.

Bi-State IAC

Representatives from respective governmental bodies serve as a committee to manage issues regarding agreements, applications for project funds, review of the budget and building maintenance pertaining to the criminal justice center.

Board of Adjustment

Makes decisions on appeals, special exceptions, and requests for variances to City Ordinances.

Bowie Central Appraisal District

The district is responsible for appraising property in the district for ad valorem tax purposes of each taxing unit that imposes ad valorem taxes on property in the district.

Building & Standards

Determines if a building is substandard and should be condemned and ordered to be demolished.

Building Code Revision Committee

  • Adopts building and safety codes that allow for occupation of older buildings without undue financial burdens and without risk to the safety and well-being of the citizens of the city.
  • Studies and recommends changes in the codes as they relate to the older buildings.
  • Holds meetings, conduct public hearings, and receives comments from all interested persons.
  • Recommends amendments to the city's various building and safety codes in order to enhance occupation of older structure.
  • Divides into sub-committees to perform the functions of the committee and make necessary recommendations and reports to the city council.

Civil Service Commission

Established to ensure compliance with the Texas Firemen's and Policemen's Civil Service Act, Texas Local Government Code Chapter 143.

Community Healthcore
Serves as the mental health and intellectual disability governing authority for greater East Texas counties to include Bowie County.

Electrical Appeals & Advisory Board

Any person, firm or corporation aggrieved by an interpretation of the National Electrical Code or by a decision or ruling by the electrical Inspector, shall the right to make an appeal in writing to this board. Reviews code changes prior to submittal to Code revision.

Housing Authority

Manages low rent public housing units in the city. Provides and professionally manages an adequate supply of safe, affordable housing of reasonable quality for persons of low income, while administering programs that offer residents to advance in society.

Housing Finance Corporation

The corporation is organized exclusively for the purpose of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes, and on behalf of the city by financing the cost of residential ownership development that will provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing for residents of the city at prices they can afford.

Industrial Development Corporation

  • Act on behalf of the city council to further the public purposes of the promotion and development of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing enterprises
  • Promote and encourage employment of the public welfare
  • Issue bonds on behalf of the city in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Development Corporation Act
March 18, 2015 Minutes

Library Commission

Oversees the operation of the Texarkana Public Library. Responsible for establishing policies and employing a Library Director to administer those policies in the management of the Texarkana Public Library.

MPO Policy Board
Comprised of elected and non-elected officials who link regional visions, multimodal transportation systems and provide strategic direction for the investment decisions in the region. Also, provides direction that is implemented by partner agencies, elected officials and the public that will improve the quality of life, enhance the regional economy and assure efficient mobility in the Texarkana Study area.

Permit and License Appeal Board

If the Chief of Police denies the issuance of a license for a sexually oriented business or revokes such license, the applicant or licensee can appeal to this board.

Planning & Zoning Commission
P&Z hears, recommends and determines matters related to zoning, platting or subdivision control as specified or required under city ordinance, charter or state law.

Plumbing Appeals & Advisory Board

Any person, firm, or corporation aggrieved by an interpretation of Plumbing Code or by any decision or ruling by the Plumbing Inspector, shall have the right to make an appeal in writing to the Plumbing Appeals and Advisory Board.

Riverbend Water Resources District Board

Riverbend is a political subdivision within the State of Texas under Section 59, Article XVI of the Texas Constitution. The Board of Directors is the only governing body in the region who offers a forum of equitable representation for members on regional water matters. Water groups who wish to take part in Riverbend have influence in the district's finances, policies, decision making and authority.

TexAmericas Board of Directors

TexAmericas Center provides comprehensive planning in acquiring surplus government property and developing it into a mixed use large scale commercial industrial complex.

TIRZ Advisory Board

Makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the administration of the TIRZ zones, prepares and adopts project plans, prepares reinvestment zone financing plans, prepares, implements, monitors and submits all plans and an annual report to the City Council for approval.

University PDD

Reviews and approves site plans for properties proposed for development within the UPDD boundary.