Animal Control



It is unlawful for a person to restrain a dog with a chain or tether unless the person is holding the chain or tether. A person temporarily restraining a dog with a chain or tether shall attach the chain or tether to a properly fitting collar or harness worn by the dog. A person may not wrap a chain or tether directly around a dog's neck. A person may not restrain a dog with a chain or tether that weighs more than 1/8 of the dog's body weight.

Temporary restraint is only allowed during a lawful animal event, such as:

  • Walking on a leash
  • Cleaning a dog pen
  • Veterinary treatment
  • Grooming, training, or law enforcement activity
  • Restraint required to protect the safety or welfare of a person or the dog, if the dog's owner or handler remains with the dog throughout the period of restraint

Enclosure / Leash Law

Any dog, livestock, or fowl may not be allowed to run at large within the limits of the city at any time. All dogs must be within an adequate fence, house, garage, or other enclosure of at least 150 sq.ft., or the owner of the dog must have the dog on a leash attached to a properly fitted collar and held by a person competent to control the dog or dogs from running at large.

All livestock or fowl must be contained within an enclosure capable of preventing the entry of the general public and capable of preventing the escape of the livestock or fowl.