Environmental Services Unit

The Environmental Services Unit is responsible for the oversight of Animal Services and Environmental Health.  Environmental Services works with property owners, businesses, and animal owners to educate and ensure compliance.

Animal Service Officers are tasked with ensuring the health and safety of the general public and animal population by regulating control over domestic animals within the corporate limits of the City of Texarkana, Texas by ensuring local ordinances pertaining to control and care of pets are followed.  Animal Services delivers effective, courteous, and responsive animal care and control services to residents by helping protect people and their property along with acting as a humane organization that protects animals.  The unit is the regulatory authority for ensuring compliance with laws relating to rabies vaccinations, quarantines, animal bites and inspection of premises where animals are maintained.  
Health Inspectors coordinate inspections to ensure a safer environment for our citizens.  Inspections include for restaurants, retail food, school food service areas, nursing home/hospital food service areas, mobile food units, ice cream trucks, public/semi-public swimming pools, and day-care inspections.