Police Department

The Texarkana, Texas Police Department presently employs 91 officers. The department has been recognized since 2008 by the Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Recognition Program which distinguishes the department as an agency which delivers efficient and effective services to the citizens they serve and reduces the risk and the protection of individual's rights. The program is similar in nature to the national accreditation program for law enforcement but is designed specifically for Texas law enforcement agencies.

The Texarkana, Texas Police Department does not currently have a date set for the next Civil Service test for probationary police officer. However, you can apply now by clicking the link below and will be automatically notified when a date has been set.


For further information, please visit the Employment Resources tab.

Department Divisions

The department consists of:

The badge of the Texarkana, Texas Police Department


Our officers are provided with well equipped patrol units including mobile data computers, digital video recording units, modern weapons, and state-of-the-art radios. We have numerous specialized units within the department, including:

  • Narcotics
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crime Scene
  • Field Training
  • K-9
  • Problem Oriented Policing Team
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • School Resource Officers
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Traffic Enforcement
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