Development Map Viewer  

Welcome to the Development Map Viewer available on the City’s website. This viewer enables you to retrieve zoning information as well as other City GIS data.


  1. Select Zoning Map picture below.
  2. Select "I Agree".
  3. Select "Interactive Map" at the top of the page.
  4. Check the "I agree to the above terms and conditions" box and select OK.
  5. Go to tools at the upper right hand corner of the map and select the layers icon (3rd from the right).
  6. Choosing this tool will expand into a list of check boxes that allow you to access several useful layers such as:
    1. Zoning
    2. Bowie and Miller County Parcels
    3. FEMA Floodplains
    4. City Ward Map
    5. School District Boundaries

Disclaimer: Please note that although the tool is intended for public use, it is not an official verification of zoning. The information on this website has been produced by the City of Texarkana, TX as a working map. No warranty is made by the City regarding its accuracy and completeness. For official verification of the zoning of a property, please request a Zoning Verification Letter at 903-798-3945.

Zoning Map