Petition Information

Prior to January 2016, the City of Texarkana, Texas, (the “City”) had no formal process for
residents to submit petitions to the City Council. Recognizing that petitions play a role in the
communication between residents and elected officials, the City Council adopted a Citizen
Petition Policy which establishes procedures for the submission and recognition of public

For the purposes of this policy, a petition is a formal written request made to the City Council of
the City of Texarkana, Texas. All petitions that meet the standards set out in the Citizen Petition
Policy will be presented to the City Council and listed as a communication item on an upcoming
City Council agenda. Petitions containing original signatures should be sent to the attention of
the City Secretary by mail or delivered in person to Texarkana, Texas City Hall.

A petition is considered a public document at the City and the information contained in it will be
subject to Texas Government Code Chapter 552 ‐ “Public Information Act”. The petition must
include a disclosure statement on each page of the petition so that those who sign the document
agree to and are aware of, its open records availability.

For further information pertaining to the “Public Information Act”, please visit the website of
the Office of the Attorney General at this address:

For more information regarding the requirements to submit a petition, please click here.