Forest Lake Reconstruction Project

On this page you'll find frequent updates about the Forest Lake Estates Reconstruction Project, including photos, traffic plans and additional information. Don't hesitate to call us at (903) 798-3948 if you have specific questions. 

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November 8, 2017-
Construction crews have finished North bound lane of Woodbridge concrete.  The South bound lane is still under construction.  Crews have also finished work on the Eastern cul-de-sac of Treasure Hill, and are working on the East & West bound lanes of Treasure Hill, towards the Western cul-de-sac.  Following this, crews will begin work on the South bound lanes of the portion of Treasure Hill connecting to Forest Lake Drive.

October 6, 2017-
Construction crews have finished the road reconstruction for Lakeridge, except at the intersection with Forest Lake.  Also complete, is the North side of Ridge Row.  The expected work for the next 2 weeks, weather permitting, is to dig up the South side of Ridge Row and prep for concrete.  Crews will also be pouring the East side of Woodbridge in this timeline as well.  
Woodbridge Cul-De-SacRidge RowLakeidge distance 
September 5, 2017-
Weather permitting, crews will be working on completing the Lakeridge North bound lane, from Ridgecrest to Forest Lake. Crews will also be working from Ridgerow Circle North to the cul-de-sac.  Once completed, crews will pick up at Woodbridge for section removals and concrete replacement. 



August 17, 2017-

Crews are still working on Southbound Lakeridge and a small section of Woodbridge.  Due to all the rain, progress has slowed. The subgrade is very wet and needs to dry out before we can finish subgrade improvements and pour concrete. The plan is to finish both lanes of Lakeridge first then move to the other sides streets (Treasure Hill, Woodbridge, Ridge Row, and Ridgecrest).

August 3, 2017-

We have opened the new Southbound section of Lakeridge Drive, North of Forest Lake Drive, to traffic.  We would still like to caution everyone to watch for oncoming traffic in this area, since traffic will still be two-way on this new section at this time. 

July 25, 2017-
Contractors have poured concrete to Forest Lake Drive.  They are forming now from Forest Lake Drive to Ridge Crest Drive. 

June 13, 2017-
Contractors are working on Phase I subgrade improvements on southbound section of Lakeridge Drive at this time. We are undercutting 18" of the unsuitable subgrade and replacing it with 18" of select fill placed on top of a geosynthetic pavement material to help stabilize the subgrade. Concrete crews should be mobilizing in the next few weeks to start installing forms and laying concrete. 

Forest Lake Estates 4

  Forest Lake Estates Reconstruction

Forest Lake Estates reconstruction

 May 18, 2017- 
Contractors are still working on removing the concrete on Lakeridge Drive. You can access the contractor's schedule here. Here's a few photos of recent work: 





May 11, 2017-

Please see the construction schedule above for estimated dates.

May 3, 2017- 
The concrete crusher is on site today busting up the old concrete to make way for reconstruction. The crusher will complete much of the crushing today on Treasure Hill, Wood Bridge and Ridgecrest (rain or shine). Did you realize the concrete crusher does not have a driver? The operator uses a remote control to guide the piece of machinery. 

Check out the crusher in action! 

May 1, 2017- 
Construction crews will begin removing existing concrete today to prepare for improvements. Work will begin on Lakeridge, and the side streets in that area, and move from north to south. Forest Lake will be the last street where concrete will be crushed and removed. 

April 27, 2017- 

This project will consist of reconstructing all the concrete streets, over 1.5 miles, in the Forest Lake Estates area. Included in this project will be reconstructing the base underneath the pavement with lime stabilization, and in some cases, may include excavating out the unsuitable material and replacing it with select fill. The portion of Forest Lake Drive will be 8” of reinforced concrete, and all other streets will be 6.5” reinforced concrete.

Estimated construction start date is May 1, 2017, and estimated completion date is August 31, 2018. Construction will be split in 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 will be the construction of Lakeridge Drive, Treasure Hill Road, Wood Bridge Drive, and Ridgecrest Place
  • Phase 2 will be the construction of Forest Lake Drive from Lakeridge Drive to the RR Tracks 
  • Phase 3 will be the construction of Forest Lake Drive from the RR Tracks to Highway 71

Residents will have access to their properties throughout construction, but portions of the roadways will be closed as well. Please refer to all road construction and detour signage.