Background Investigations for New Police Applicants (TCOLE #6023)

This course is designed for both background investigators, supervisors and human resource policy makers.
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Crisis Intervention (40-hr) - ETPA @ Texarkana (TCOLE #1850)

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT 40-hr) TCOLE #1850
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Cultural Diversity - ETPA @ Texarkana (TCOLE #3939)

Legislatively mandated course for peace officers and jailers.
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De-Escalation - ETPA @ Texarkana (TCOLE #1849)

Limiting the Use of Force in Public Interaction.
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Gas Pump Skimming Investigation (TCOLE #4103)

Gas pump skimming has spread across the nation and is a last frontier for non EMV transaction fraud. Victims are losing millions of dollars nationwide and it is time for a standard method of investigation.
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