Background Investigations for New Police Applicants (TCOLE #6023)

This course is designed for both background investigators, supervisors and human resource policy makers.
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Criminal Interdiction Workshop (TCOLE #3407)

The Nation’s Most Advanced & Comprehensive 3 Day Hands-on Criminal Interdiction Workshop
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Legislative Updates 2021-2023 (TCOLE #3187)

This is the mandated updates for 2019 - 2021 for law enforcement.
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Managing the Office Arsonist (TCOLE #3009)

There's an A.P.B out for arsonists! The kind that can burn down your department and career!
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New Criminal Investigator (TCOLE #3296)

Effective investigation into crimes in Texas requires specific knowledge of Texas CPP, Penal Code and rules of evidence and procedure.
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Officer Involved Shooting Investigations (TCOLE #9909)

There is no single event that can inflict trauma onto a police department more than an officer involved lethal force incident. The negative attention generated by the media, community activists and the general public can be tremendous.
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TX DoT Truck & Bus Enforcement (TCOLE #3403)

Texas consistently leads the nation in large truck fatalities and has one of the highest rates of bus fatalities each year.
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