Effective Leadership

Topics include: - The Nature of Leadership - Establish a firm direction - Building relationships - Common mistakes to avoid
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Glock Armorer's Course

Learn how to safely use and maintain your Glock weapon in a one-day (8 hour) class.
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Impaired Performance Identification for Supervisors

Topics include: - Identifying the signs and symptoms of substance use - Making an appropriate testing referral in compliance with company policy - Making an appropriate procedural referral - Applicable consequences of company policy violations
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Motivating & Engaging Your Employees

Topics Include: - Assessing staff engagement - Signs and risks of de-motivation - Helping your staff tap into their intrinsic motivation - Tips for increasing employee buy-in
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Receiving Feedback

Topics include: - How well do you receive feedback? - Understanding how we process feedback - Evaluating and developing a plan to make corrections
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