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Ballistic Shield Training (TCOLE #3390)

Full Description

The importance of shield options is a growing response factor within law enforcement, military, corrections and security communities. Our training program is designed to make you confident and capable in using a ballistic shield in a high stress, tactical environment. This course includes classroom instruction, practical application drills using Simunitions, live fire exercises and a qualification course. Participants will need to supply body armor or tactical vest; duty belt with all issued gear; ballistic shield; Kevlar helmet; rifle with (2) magazines; pistol with (3) magazines; ear protection; eye protection; 200 rounds of pistol ammunition; 100 rounds of rifle ammunition; clothing suitable for training and a hydration system or water bottle. Students should be prepared to train in any environment. To ensure instruction effectiveness, class size is limited to 20.

Tuition is $199/person.

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