What is Teen Court?
Teen Court is a voluntary program, which allows juvenile Class C misdemeanor offenders to "pay" for their citation through community service and involvement in the judicial process. These cases are presented by volunteer Teen Court attorneys to a jury of the defendant's peers made up of volunteers from local secondary schools and returning youth who were previous defendants. The jury members then assess a sentence of community service following the guidelines of the sentencing grid found in this brochure.

Teen Court is a "hands on" educational opportunity, which allows teen offenders and teen volunteers to better understand our system of justice. Additionally, the offender pays no fine, and upon successful completion of Teen Court the charges will be dismissed and removed from the youth's permanent record.

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1. What is Teen Court?
2. Who is eligible for Teen Court?
3. What is the cost for the program?
4. Is there a dress code?
5. Where are the Community Service Worksites?
6. What are the punishments for a particular offense?
7. How do I get my ticket deferred to Teen Court?
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10. Is Teen Court real?
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13. Can I be a defendant and come back and volunteer?
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