What is the cost for the program?
Defendants must pay their state court costs at the time of referral. A $20 Teen Court fee must be paid to coordinator on the night of the youth's sentencing hearing and is non-refundable.

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1. What is Teen Court?
2. Who is eligible for Teen Court?
3. What is the cost for the program?
4. Is there a dress code?
5. Where are the Community Service Worksites?
6. What are the punishments for a particular offense?
7. How do I get my ticket deferred to Teen Court?
8. What happens after that?
9. What happens if I don't finish?
10. Is Teen Court real?
11. Why should I go to Teen Court?
12. How is Teen Court funded?
13. Can I be a defendant and come back and volunteer?
14. Do you have opportunities for volunteers?
15. How do I get more information?