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City of Texarkana Board / Commission / Committee Membership Application

  1. texarkana texas city seal imageCity of Texarkana

    Board / Commission / Committee 

    Membership Application

  2. City Secretary’s Office
     220 Texas Blvd.
     Texarkana, TX 75501

  3. Board/Commission/Committee Desired
  4. POSITION SOUGHT: Please indicate your choices with 1, 2 or 3; where 1 is the most desired and 3 the least. (Applications will be kept on file for one (1) year)
  5. Professional/Occupational Information
  6. Education:
  7. Employment:
  8. Sign and return application to the City Secretary’s Office
  9. I understand that if I should be appointed to a board, commission, or committee, I will be expected to participate actively in the business of the respective board, commission, or committee. I also understand that I will be expected to complete the Texas Attorney General training videos for the Texas Open Meetings and Public Information Acts.

    I agree to adhere to the attendance requirements of said board, commission, or committee.

    I agree to contact the City Secretary’s Office if there is any change in my information as submitted on this application.

    I understand that should a situation arises during my term on said board, commission, or committee, where I have a prohibited substantial interest, either direct or indirect, and such matter comes before said board, commission, or committee, I understand that I will need to abstain from any discussion or vote on the matter.

    I have read, understand, and completed this application to the best of my ability and that the information contained herein is true and correct. 

  10. Questionnaire
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