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Building Permit Information Sheet

  1. City of Texarkana, Texas
    Community, Public Works & Inspections
    220 Texas Blvd.
    Room 301
    PO Box 220
    Texarkana, TX 75501

  2. Ph: 903-798-3912
    Fx: 903-798-3910

  3. Building Permit Information Sheet

  4. Please fill out all pertinent information.
    Permit Information

  5. Use or Occupancy*

  6. Type of Construction*

  7. HVAC*

  8. Plumbing*

  9. Electrical*

  10. Permit Requirements
    • Residential-Two Complete Sets of Plans and Site Plans
    • Commercial-Three Complete Sets of Plans and Site Plans

    New Construction Also Require the Following
    • Certificate of Compliance-Shirley Jaster, 903-798-3949
    • Water / Sewer Availability Sheet-Water Department, 903-798-3800
    • Driveway Approvals-Engineering, Kyle Dooley, 903-798-3948

  11. Permit Requirements

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  13. Approved for Permit (For Our Office Use Only)

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