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Welcome to the Texarkana Brownfields Program website! Here you will find information about program events and accomplishments. We encourage you to check back regularly to keep informed of the city's latest brownfield news and upcoming meetings. These meetings are a great place to learn more about the city's Brownfields activities and provide feedback. To Date, the City of Texarkana, Texas has received the following grants from the EPA:

Job Training Grant 
Awarded in 2011 - $300,000.00 – Completed in 2013

Assessment Grants 
Awarded in 2010 – $200,000.00 Hazardous – Closed September 30, 2015                                             $200,000.00 Petroleum – Completed March 30, 2016

Multi-Purpose Grant
Award in 2012 – $440,000.00 Completed 12/30/2016.
Specific to 203/205 W. Broad Street Assessment and Cleanup

Revolving Loan Fund
Awarded in 2012 - $1,000,000.00
Low interest loans to property owners to cover the cost of cleanup/abatement

CDFA TA Grant 
Awarded in 2015 - Technical Assistance Grant - Grim Hotel Site
Project Response Team Visit June 15-18, 2015

2019 Coalition Assessment Grant Application 
Texarkana Brownfields Regional Enviornmental Coalition, which consist of the Cities of Texarkana, Ark-Tex Council of Government, and the Tex-Americas Center, applied in January 2019 for $600,000.00 to conduct Phase I, Phase II, cleanup planning and reuse planning on vacant properties in the Cities of Texarkana and surrounding community.  Funding requested included $425,000.00 for assessment of hazardous materials (asbestos, lead-based paint, etc) and $175,000.00 for assessment of petroleum based substances. Awards for this grant competition are expected to be announced by June 2019.

Nine different structures part of the Brownfields
Brownfield Sites
What do these places have in common? All of the Texarkana properties pictured here are considered potential brownfields. A brownfield is a site where contamination - or the possibility of contamination - is preventing use or redevelopment. Texarkana's Brownfields Assessment Program will assess and facilitate the redevelopment / reuse of brownfield properties within the city and will help transform brownfields into vibrant working and green space. The program is coordinated through and works in cooperation with Region 6 of the United States EPA.