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Cultural Diversity TCOLE #3939 (TCOLE #3939)

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To some, diversity is a buzzword for political correctness. To others, it means individual groups or individuals are more important than the whole. For if each part or individual does not operate in relation to a greater mission, or to the whole, the system breaks apart and doesn’t work. Thus each is important, but functions as part of a larger, integrated whole to achieve a creative, respectful functionality. 

Diversity training is a basic component of this quality whole. The purpose of this training is not just to inform, but to increase awareness and understanding; leading to the development of skills that will refine positive communication and enhance productivity in the workforce.

Diversity is then defined as the collective strength of experiences, skills, talents, perspectives and cultures that each person brings to the whole. This integrated whole will be the subject of this diversity training.

Tuition - $20/person

Open Sessions